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At 2 Percent Realty Okanagan, we believe in giving our clients the full Real Estate experience, yet allowing them to keep more of their investment. 

We offer our clients a different option when buying or selling their property in the Okanagan.  Built on trust, integrity and hard work, we are continuing to grow and build relationships locally and outside the Okanagan, as we help more people fulfill their Real Estate dreams.

With 2 Percent Realty Okanagan, you’ll find our team of Professionals dedicated to meeting your individual needs.  We are focused on helping you find your perfect home, whether it’s a Downtown Condo, or a beautiful Lakefront Estate.  If you’re looking to sell, we’ll work 24/7 to market and sell your property all while saving you money.

What does 2 Percent Realty mean to you? 

2 Percent Realty Okanagan saves you 1000’s of dollars on each and every property sale.  If you would like to see how 2 Percent Realty Okanagan could save you with the sale of your property, have a look at our unique commission chart:


Why Choose 2% Realty Okangan As Your Real Estate Brokerage

Selling Price
Based on 7/3 Commission
2% Realty™ Commission
Your Savings
The Evolution of Realty 100% Real Estate Agent Services | 100% MLS® System Exposure | 2% Commission

2% Realty Offers 100% REALTOR® Services

Full MLS® System Exposure
Comprehensive Marketing
Realtor® Representation
In-Home Consultation