Why Winter and Fall is a great time to sell your property

Traditional thinking dictates that Spring and Summer are the best months to sell your property. But there are plenty of good arguments and precedent for why Fall and Winter can be just as fruitful to attract buyers.

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Thinking about becoming a real estate agent? 2Percent Realty is the best place to be

There is more than one reason why you’d want to be a real estate agent. Because you’re passionate about property, people and getting ahead in your career and the financial rewards it can bring you.

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Budgeting Tips to get that Down Payment

The property market is on the whole booming. And with every month that passes, you could be missing out on valuable equity and a great price on your home.

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2 Percent Realty Okanagan is on top

2 Percent Realty Okanagan is on top!

According to statistics, compared with nine other realtors, 2 Percent Realty maintain the highest close price to list price ratio at....

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10 Environmentally-friendly Tips for your Home

Going down the green route may seem like a drag, but you may change your mind once you hear about the savings you can make....

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The floods are over and people are thankful, for more than one reason

Recent floods in Kelowna B.C. are coming to a halt as weather improves and relief efforts have been truly outstanding...

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CREA News Round

March 2017 played host to a positive round up in Canada Real Estate business as professionals and philanthropists were honoured and new ..

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Six perfect reasons to buy your first property

If you're reading this, you've already been thinking of buying real estate with 2 Percent Realty. If you're not already on the property ladder..

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Okanagan's real estate market is showing no signs of losing steam

Okanagan's real estate market is showing no signs of losing steam, and it looks like it could top $3 billion by year end!

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